What Does a Homeowner's Association do?

What Does a Homeowner's Association do?

As of the last available data, over 74 million Americans lived in an HOA community. That's a lot of residents! Is your neighborhood in an HOA?

You may be wondering what an HOA is supposed to do. What happens in HOA meetings? What's going on behind the scenes?

We're here to talk about a few things that the average homeowner's association is responsible for. Read on to learn more.

Community Management

The HOA is responsible for managing the common areas and shared amenities within the community. This includes parks, swimming pools, recreational facilities, landscaping, and maintenance of common spaces.

The HOA is also responsible for the regular maintenance of these spaces. They sometimes also handle minor maintenance of homes. This depends on the specific HOA, however.

Rule Creation and Enforcement

The HOA establishes a set of rules and guidelines called covenants, conditions, and restrictions that all homeowners must adhere to.

These rules cover various aspects of living within the community. These include architectural guidelines, landscaping standards, pet regulations, parking rules, noise restrictions, and more. The HOA enforces these rules to ensure a uniform and calm living environment for all residents.

HOA restrictions can be quite strict, so HOA managers also have to pursue homeowners for breaking rules. They also have to stay open to feedback about potential rule changes.

Collection of Dues and Fees

Homeowners have to pay regular dues to the HOA to fund the maintenance and management of the community. These fees cover expenses such as landscaping, common area maintenance, insurance, and administrative costs.

This is often the least popular part of the job. A good HOA manager can help with financial management to make it easier.

HOA Meetings

HOA meeting agendas vary, but they generally include the entire board and some homeowners. During these meetings, everyone discusses the current goings-on in the community and any changes that need to be made.

These meetings may be open forums to allow feedback from homeowners. HOAs are then responsible for taking that feedback and, ideally, implementing it.

Community Events

HOAs often organize social gatherings and community events to foster a sense of community and encourage interaction among residents. These events may include neighborhood parties, holiday celebrations, or educational workshops.

They also settle any community disputes and help organize committees. The goal is to create a genuinely friendly community in the neighborhood.


Many HOAs also handle security. They may have gates, guards, cameras, and other security features to keep residents safe.

This isn't true for every HOA. However, people may be happier and more willing to pay HOA fees in neighborhoods that are secure and safe.

That's What a Homeowner's Association Does

Between HOA meetings, security, community events, and all of the other responsibilities, an HOA has a lot of work to do. Not all HOAs do the same thing, but this is a general idea of a few things that they're responsible for.

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