Welcome The New Year 2021….. Things We Won’t Miss About 2020

Most of us can agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years of our lives. We’ve faced several unprecedented events, and some individuals and families have been profoundly affected by the events of 2020. As we welcome the new year, there are likely a few things we are beyond ready to bid good riddance to as we move forward. Here are a few things we will not miss about 2020.

The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is at the top of the list for the things we’re ready to bid farewell to in 2021. The virus has forced us to make significant changes to our lives and has had a negative financial impact on many individuals, families, and businesses. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also caused severe sickness and claimed the lives of millions.

Conference Call Meetings

If you’ve been working from home, you’ve likely had to attend at least a few online conference call meetings. Many of us have had to do this while trying to shake off the stress of a recent news broadcast, tend to children (who are also at home attending school virtually), and attempt to maintain a home that is somewhat free of chaos. While we are grateful for the option to serve clients from a virtual connection, there is nothing like a face:face meeting to connect with your team and your clients.

Distancing from Family and Friends

Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to visit with many of the people who mean the most to us. Social distancing mandates require us to stay at least six feet apart, and there are traveling restrictions in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We’re likely all eager to say goodbye to 2020 so we can actually hug our relatives and friends again.


We’ve been wearing masks virtually all year and many fashion companies have even created masks that coordinate with outfits. While masks aren’t exactly comfortable, they are necessary to keep us safe, so we wear them to protect ourselves and others. And we’re hoping we can do away with them in 2021.

Canceled Social Gatherings

If you had a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party, or graduation celebration planned for this year, you likely had to cancel, have a “drive-by” party, or take the party to social media or an online conference platform. We’re all looking forward to when we can have parties in person again without the concern of spreading sickness to our friends and loved ones or putting our own health at risk.

We acknowledge that for many reasons 2020 is a year that some would like to erase parts of completely. Here’s to hope for brighter days in our communities, our country and across the world.

Happy New Year!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels