The Dos and Don'ts of HOA Holiday Decorating: Tips from the Experts

The Dos and Don'ts of HOA Holiday Decorating: Tips from the Experts

The first Christmas trees were brought into homes over 500 years ago in Germany to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Ever since, a favorite tradition many people share is bringing holiday cheer to the outside of their homes. Because holiday decorating is such a beloved tradition, it can be a sensitive topic in HOA communities.

With a bit of planning, you can strike the right balance between festive spirit and community guidelines. Here are the dos and don'ts for HOA holiday decorating so you can keep everyone happy this holiday season.

What Is an HOA?

The Homeowners Association (HOA) is a group that creates and enforces rules that residents and properties must follow. If you buy a house within an HOA community, you are automatically a member.

You will pay HOA fees and follow the HOA rules that are put into place by the board members. One area your HOA will have rules around is your holiday decorating.

HOA Holiday Decorating Dos

The HOA rules around decorating are there to keep your neighborhood looking its best. Although each HOA will have different rules, here are some general guidelines to follow.


Your HOA guidelines will determine when you can start hanging your holiday lights. Double-check the rules so you don't start decorating too early.


Before you start placing your decor, consult the HOA rules. They will guide you on the areas of your home where you can put decorations up.


Most HOA associations will want you to keep your themes tasteful. When in doubt, stick to more traditional holiday themes and colors.

HOA Holiday Decorating Don'ts

Before you spend tons of money on a giant inflatable holiday display, check your HOA guidelines so you are not in violation of the rules. The name of the game for holiday decorating for HOA homeowners is to do so tastefully.

Here are some ways you may be out of compliance with your HOA holiday decorations.

Excessive Displays

We've all seen the house with an over-the-top holiday display outside. While these can be fun, they won't follow HOA rules. Avoid decorations that are distracting, tacky, or large.

Prohibited Items

Before making a holiday decoration purchase, check that your HOA allows the decor. Some HOAs ban certain decorations that are large, too loud or go against the HOA rules.


Make sure your decor isn't going to damage your home. You should be able to remove all decor with no trace that it was ever there.


When living in an HOA, you can't have your holiday decorations up until April! You'll need to take down your holiday decorations promptly after the holiday is over.

You Can Still Have a Festive House When Living in an HOA

HOA homeowners can still have a festive and beautiful home during the holidays. By following HOA holiday decorating rules, your neighborhood will stay looking its best.

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